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Posted - 04/26/2005 :  12:26:55  Show Profile
Special thanks to Mark At NW Vintage Cycles

Bikes AFTER 1973 are being added. Please feel free to contribute information if you have it.

AT1 1969 AT1-100101 AT1-119829 Pearl White
AT1M 1969 AT1-300101 AT1-303790 Pearl White
AT1B 1970 AT1-120101 AT1-138890 Comp. Yellow
AT1BMX 1970 AT1-310101 AT1-312326 Comp. Yellow
AT1C 1971 AT1-139101 AT1-162879 Brilliant Red
AT1MX 1971 AT1-313101 AT1-317191 Brilliant Red
AT2 1972 AT1-165101 AT1-197560 Mand. Orange
AT2-MX 1972 AT1-317101 AT1-323520 Mand. Orange
AT3 1973 AT1-200101 AT1-232651 Bahia Blue
ATMX 1973 AT1-325101 AT1-336470 Silver Dust
DT125A 1974 Maroon
DT125B 1975 Red/White/Black
DT125C 1976 Red/White/Black

CT1 1969 CT1-000101 CT1-009740 Calif. Orange
CT1B 1970 CT1-010101 CT1-031460 Candy Green
CT1C 1971 CT1-200101 CT1-202200 Candy Orange
CT1C 1971 CT1-032101 CT1-060230 Candy Orange
CT2 1972 CT1-065101 CT1-098830 Brillant Red
CT3 1973 CT1-100101 CT1-144920 Gold Dust
DT175B 1975 Balboa Blue
Please Note Two Runs of the 1971 CT1C-it is not an MX

250 cc
DT1 1968 DT1-000101 DT1-14090 Pearl White
DT1B 1969 DT1-015001 DT1-42520 Candy Orange
DT1S 1969 DT1-90101 DT1-91573 Candy Orange
DT1C 1970 DT1-050101 DT1-66389 Brillant Red
DT1C-MX 1970 DT1-095101 DT1-97268 Brillant Red
DT1E 1971 DT1F-00101 DT1-03492 Mandrian Orange
DT1E 1971 DT1F-020101 DT1F-045120 Mandrian Orange
DT1E-MX 1971 DT1F-090101 DT1F-093684 Mandrian Orange
DT2 1972 DT1F-105101 DT1F-134257 Pearl Yellow Gold
DT2MX 1972 DT1F-185101 DT1F-195339 Silver
DT3 1973 DT1F-135101 DT1F-162633 Comp. Green
DT250A 1974
DT250B 1975 Competition Red/Black/While

360 cc
RT1 1970 RT1-00101 RT1-08883 Yam. Black/Yellow
RT1B 1971 RT1-73101 RT1-75128 Yam. Black/Red
RT1B 1971 RT1-009101 RT1-024820 Yam. Black/Red
RT1MX 1971 RT1-053101 RT1-055215 Yamaha Black
RT2 1972 RT1-100101 RT1-124142 Silver
RT2MX 1972 RT1-185101 RT1-191618 Yamaha Black
RT3 1973 RT1-125101 RT1-150994 Baja Brown
DT360A 1974 Metallic Green
Please Note Three Runs of 71 -Two Enduro -One MX

DT400B 1975 YELLOW!
DT400C 1976 YELLOW!


AT1 Year: 1969 Start Engine#: AT1-100101
AT1B Year: 1970 Start Engine#: AT1-120101
AT1BMX Year: 1970 Start Engine#: AT1-310101
AT1C Year: 1971 Start Engine#: AT1-139101
AT1M Year: 1969 Start Engine#: AT1-300101
AT1MX Year: 1971 Start Engine#: AT1-313101
AT2 Year: 1972 Start Engine#: AT1-165101
AT2M Year: 1972 Start Engine#: AT1-317101
AT3 Year: 1973 Start Engine#: AT1-200101

CT1 Year: 1971 Start Engine#: CT1-000101
CT1B Year: 1970 Start Engine#: CT1-010101
CT1C Year: 1971 Start Engine#: CT1-200101/CT1-032101
CT2 Year: 1972 Start Engine#: CT1-065101
CT3 Year: 1973 Start Engine#: CT1-100101

DT100A Year: 1974 Start Engine#: 437-000101
DT100B Year: 1975 Start Engine#: 437-100101
DT100B5 Year: 1975 Start Engine#: 540-000101
DT100C Year: 1976 Start Engine#: 558-000101
DT100D Year: 1977 Start Engine#: 1T9-000101
DT100E Year: 1978 Start Engine#: 2F5-000101
DT100F Year: 1979 Start Engine#: 2F5-050101
DT100G Year: 1980 Start Engine#: 3A3-000101
DT125A Year: 1974 Start Engine#: 444-000101
DT125B Year: 1975 Start Engine#: 444-100101
DT125C Year: 1976 Start Engine#: 560-000101
DT125E Year: 1978 Start Engine#: 2A6-000101
DT125F Year: 1979 Start Engine#: 2N4-000101
DT125G Year: 1980 Start Engine#: 3J0-000101
DT175A Year: 1974 Start Engine#: 443-000101
DT175B Year: 1975 Start Engine#: 443-100101
DT175C Year: 1976 Start Engine#: 559-000101
DT175D Year: 1977 Start Engine#:
DT175E Year: 1978 Start Engine#: 2A7-000101
DT175F Year: 1979 Start Engine#: 2N5-000101
DT175G Year: 1980 Start Engine#: 3J1-000101
DT1 Year: 1968 Start Engine#: DT1-00101
DT1B Year: 1969 Start Engine#: DT1-15001
DT1C Year: 1970 Start Engine#: DT1-50101
DT1CM Year: 1970 Start Engine#: DT1-95101
DT1E Year: 1971 Start Engine#: DT1F-00101/DTF-020101
DT1MX Year: 1971 Start Engine#: DT1F-090101

DT2 Year: 1972 Start Engine#: DT1F-105101
DT250A Year: 1974 Start Engine#: 450-000101
DT250B Year: 1975 Start Engine#: 450-200101
DT250C Year: 1976 Start Engine#: 450-500101
DT250D Year: 1977 Start Engine#: 1M1-000101
DT250E Year: 1978 Start Engine#: 1M1-100101
DT250F Year: 1979 Start Engine#: 2N6-000101
DT2M Year: 1972 Start Engine#: DT1F-185101

DT3 Year: 1973 Start Engine#: DT1F-135101
DT360A Year: 1974 Start Engine#: 446-000101
DT400C Year: 1976 Start Engine#: 501-200101

DT400D Year: 1977 Start Engine#: 1M2-000101
DT400E Year: 1978 Start Engine#: 1M2-100101

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